Why Brother and Sister Are the Strongest Support in our Life

Why Brother and Sister Are the Strongest Support in our Life

Brother and sister are the strongest support in our lives. Their relationship goes through various stages — from ignorance and rivalry in childhood, which then grows to the strongest support in adulthood.

Such a connection lasts for the rest of your life. In childhood, they are usually like “dog and kitten”, but their love is still very strong and tender, although it does not look like that.

Sibling support is very different from all the others we have in life.

Brother and sister love each other in a special way, even when they quarrel loudly and stand in front of each other as angry rivals.

Psychologists for this respect say that this relationship is often crucial in life.

Mutual respect will help with all the other relationships and roles that girls and boys will have throughout their lives.

The love between a brother and a sister is very specific and goes through several stages — say, psychologists.

Brother and sister in early childhood will have impatience

In early childhood, impatience followed by misunderstanding and jealousy predominate.

This usually happens because of the rivalry of the children to fight for the attention of the parents.

Girls are often gentler, so adults are more lenient with them, favoring them because they are weaker.

Such actions, on the other hand, irritate the boys and therefore try to prove that their sisters are villains.

At that age they are generally rude, they do not hesitate to push their sisters, to pluck their hair, to destroy their dolls, to tell them that they are boring and stupid.

The girls experience that stress in that period. It hurts that their brothers do not want to play with them.

But girls are not exactly innocent either. Sometimes they enjoy telling their parents or spying on them. Then they clear the espionage and later tell everything to the parents, thus buying their affection.

At puberty, brother and sister will be at a distance

Similarly, during puberty, siblings are still reluctant to associate with their sisters.

The distance between them is even greater than before. Now the girls are getting stronger too.

And they ignore them, do not try to approach them, and fight for their attention. Girls also try to do things and behave the opposite of them.

This process is called “sibling identification” and occurs as a result of a tendency to be different.

In this way, in fact, the brothers and sisters are engaged in mutual rivalry.

This explains why in the family one child is calm and the other child is rebellious — say, psychologists.

brother and sister support in life

When they reach adulthood, the brother and sister will take care of each other

However, over time this will change, their quarrels will end. Because as they grow older, siblings will realize that there is no greater friend than a sibling.

They will start going out together, maybe listening to the same music, making friends.

Brothers will always be protective of their sisters, and as they grow older they will express it even more and will be willing to do anything for them.

The nurses know that they have their own protégé, so that gives them a much greater sense of security.

That is why it is sometimes said that being a brother is better than being a superhero.

The sisters, on the other hand, are the greatest support to their brothers and their love is very great.

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In adulthood, the brother and sister will reach the greatest affection and respect

The closeness between them reaches a special level at a later age in life.

When they are mature people, their connection will be the strongest and will remain so for the rest of their lives.

When they are left alone, when their parents are gone, they turn to each other even more.

Parents should not take sides

Psychologists advise parents not to try at any cost to bring their son and daughter closer when they are young.

Such actions can only cause a counter effect, children will get closer as they grow up. You should not insist on agreeing at all times and on everything, to punish them if they ignore each other.

Let them love and quarrel, but be sure to react if they are beaten and hurt. Do not take sides, but encourage equality, because that is the only way to get closer.



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health,food and beauty writer for everyone to find healthy advice,site for more information www.https://healthfoodbeauty.com