How to Straighten Your Hair best Tips and Advice

How to Straighten Your Hair best Tips and Advice

How to straighten your hair? Are you addicted to hair extensions? If the answer is yes, we will now help you find out if you are missing something while doing your hair shiny and ideally straight.

Flat and shiny hair is a dream of many women, and they do not choose the means to achieve that perfection.

Everyone who has curly hair dreams of having straight hair, easy to comb, and style hairstyles.

Also, if you have never straightened your hair before?

Today you will learn how to straighten hair and do it properly and you will surely want to try it.

Straight hair always has a better shine, so today we are all focusing on the ideal straight hair.

But we should know that frequent use of hair straightener has a bad effect on the health of the hair.

Today, unlike in the past, there are various hair straighteners — large, small, metal, ceramic, with ionizer, with infrared technology, and so on.

Some of them straighten the hair more efficiently, faster, and more permanently, while others do not have the same effect.

No matter what straightener you use, there are a few universal rules for getting beautiful, shiny, and ideally straight hair.

In today’s article, we will share tips for proper hair straightening.

The use of a press straightens but also destroys the hair, makes it weak, and its ends more often bloom.

If you use hair straighteners too often, even the most expensive hair straighteners will ruin your hair.

To keep your hair fresh and healthy, you need to use a hair mask at least once a week and be sure to use a conditioner.

Before you start straightening your hair, always protect it with silicone drops.

That way, with the help of silicone drops, you will protect your hair from the temperature and burning of the hair.

In addition to your hair, the press also requires maintenance.

To keep the press in good shape, never leave it in the bathroom for a long time.

This will protect it from the steam in the bathroom, which can affect the press and its quality and durability.

After you have finished using the hair press, clean the plates on the press after each use.

When straightening your hair, the most important thing is to do it properly, in order to get the maximum effect and not to damage it normally.

If your hair is very curly, it is best to style it with a large brush first, making it a strand by strand.

This way, most of your hair will be straightened before you touch the press, and it will be much easier to straighten it using the press.

Always use dry hair when using a press, this is one of the most important rules.

If your hair is not very curly, you can let it dry naturally before using the press.

However, for the best effect, blow-dry your hair with a large brush, after your hair is completely dry, plug it in.

The hair should be protected from the high temperature of the press.

As already mentioned, use silicone drops.

Just apply a small amount on your hands and blow them on your hair.

You do not need to put silicone drops on the roots of the hair.

Start gently from the middle of the hair and gradually move to the tips of your hair.

The more locks you separate, the easier and better your hair will be straightened.

Always start from the bottom of the head, place the strand between the tiles, and start ironing the hair.

Flat hair

Move from the roots of the hair to the ends, do not stay in one place for a long time.

This is important because you can burn your hair so easily.

Sometimes, if necessary, pass a strand twice to straighten it nicely, but do not do it constantly.

Keep in mind that with each pass of the press, you additionally burn your hair.

Little by little you will straighten your whole hair, with a little more experience you will do it faster and easier in the future.

Unfortunately, in the process of achieving flat and shiny hair with the help of a hair straightening press, the quality of the hair suffers.

It becomes dry and brittle, and the hair gradually loses its shine.

But we have good news for you — with just four ingredients, you can make a mask that will give your hair shine and softness.

And will also permanently straighten it.


1 cup of coconut milk

2 tablespoons olive oil

4 tablespoons lemon juice

2 tablespoons density

Mix all the ingredients together in a deep bowl until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Apply the resulting mixture on the whole hair, making sure to put it everywhere on the hair from the mixture you made.

Leave on for 1–2 hours, under a shower cap, or instead of a hat you can use a heated towel.

Finally, wash your hair like usual.
How can you help yourself with certain substances in the process of straightening hair without using a press or brush?

This substance can help you when it comes to nourishing and straightening your hair.

Keratin, a protein that is a natural ingredient in hair, contains a certain amount of this ingredient, which in turn accelerates hair growth.

Sulfur will also help keep your hair straight so that it strengthens it.

Maybe a little weird but true, adding a glass of vodka to your hair conditioner can help with hair straightening.

The low pH level of the vodka softens the hair, making it easy to style your hair and hairstyle the way you want it.

To make your hair easier to handle, make a homemade coconut and lime mask.

Mix two limes with coconut and leave the mixture in the fridge for a few hours until it thickens.

With a brush, apply it from the root to the ends of the hair and leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes.

After that, wash your hair as usual.

Take a juicer, put a bunch of celery in it, including the leaves.

Just add a little water to the squeezed celery juice and put it in a spray bottle.

Hair straightener

Spray the mixture on the hair, comb it thoroughly and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, before washing it.

Make a great mixture for straightening with banana and papaya applying ng to your hair.

This will give your hair moisture and prevent the hair follicles from doing what they want.

In a bowl, crush a ripe banana and papaya and add a tablespoon of honey.

Mix the mixture well, apply it on the hair, and comb it until it becomes completely straight.

Only after the hair is completely dry with the applied mask, wash it in the usual way.

You may think that you are well informed about the products that can help you to style your hair.

If you find it difficult to deal with hair that is neither curled nor straight, ie has a broken texture, it often gets extra volume when wet and never, but never, despite the fact that you spend too much time ironing your hair, your hair does not look straight and shiny.

Instead of using too many hair straighteners, strong chemicals, and treatments that cost more than 200 $ and only give results in a month.

Its time to start thinking about natural hair straightening with a cream serum that will do in the comfort of your own home.
Why does it?
This cream contains natural ingredients that will not damage your hair, will make it smooth and shines.

And the effect will last for days until the next wash and use of the cream — normally.

Ingredients needed:

— Organic coconut oil (which can be found in any pharmacy)




-gelatin powder

Coconut oil is found naturally with a thick consistency in the form of an ointment, so it is necessary to heat it in a bowl on medium heat.

Use 2 tablespoons of oil and wait for it to melt, then add 2 tablespoons of gelatin powder and 2 tablespoons of cornflour

After the contents have cooled, add two tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

The ingredients are mixed well and then left to stand for 24 hours at room temperature.

Once you get the natural cream, the hair is rubbed with it piece by piece, starting from the root to the ends.

After smearing the whole hair, comb it strongly down and do it several times until your hair becomes smooth and shiny.

These ingredients need to stand on the hair for about 30 minutes.

Then wash your hair thoroughly 2 times only with water or only with conditioner the second time.

For better results, the hair is not dried with a hairdryer but simply with a towel.

To get the perfect effect, comb your hair while it is drying and you will be completely satisfied with it.

You can expect good results after the first time, but it will seem that your hair will look greasy and greasy after the first day.

This treatment deeply nourishes, makes the hair shiny and vital.

And what is best is more effective than any other treatment for deep nourishment and straightening — Proven!

Straight hair is a dream of many women, especially those who have naturally curly hair.

Hair straightening can be done chemically in beauty salons, it can be done with straightening irons, but it can also be done in a natural way.

In today’s article, we shared tips on how to properly iron your hair with a hair straightener, hair masks, and more.

The most important thing when straightening your hair is to follow the tips and instructions for use, especially with hair straighteners.

Every hair has its own beauty whether it is straight or curly, only straight hair is easier to style hairstyles.



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health,food and beauty writer for everyone to find healthy advice,site for more information www.